Internet Security and Teens – What to Block and What to Talk About!!

shutterstock_195239033Parenting is a big responsibility as your little one’s present and future largely depends on how you treat and teach them. As an accountable parent, it is quite crucial for you to know what exactly your child is up to. With growing technological advancements and instant availability to access Internet, parents today are even more concerned about their child’s activities.

From desktops to smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices, teens today can browse just anything on internet. Though, browsing educational websites and other such useful resources is beneficial for them, there lies the risk of accessing adult websites, dating portals, etc which can put a bad impact on their personality.

Moreover, Internet threats like cyber bullying can lead to serious consequences where the child might hide the happenings from his parents and ultimately harms himself. Such issues are on a constant rise from the past few years which certainly indicates the need for parents to understand the situation and act appropriately.

Let’s take some example!

Suppose you came home in the evening and saw your child doing something fishy on his laptop as he moves into his room after your arrival. More? If your child is unwilling to let you access his personal computer to anyone and keeps it password protected. Further, you might find changes in your child’s behaviour as he is all of a sudden a disconnected and depressed individual.

All these signs are a strong indication that something is wrong with your little one and that your attention is required. So what is to be done in such a situation?

I would like to suggest two effective ways:

Monitor his internet activities: First things first, you need to know which websites is your teen browsing to get an idea about if someone is harassing him or he’s addicted to pornography or dating. The best way is to use an Antivirus program that sends you live alert on your phone when your child visits a website on his computer. You can search for a reliable  antivirus with parental control feature on Google, download it and install it on the computer.

Talk to your Child and know what’s troubling him

Your second step should be to give a friendly hand to your teen. Try to ask him patiently to know who or what is bothering him. Make your child as comfortable as possible and try to gain his trust. Make 4-5 attempts if your child is a bit shy initially.

Taking the above mentioned steps would help you in resolving the problem and giving a bright future to your kids.


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