Have you used REVE Antivirus Parental Control Tool?

Parental Control

Internet has brought a new era of entertainment for the world, however, this has raised concerns for the parents of school going kids. Spending too much time on internet and browsing websites with inappropriate content are the two core issues seem among adolescents or teenagers.

Parents need to take the responsibility to make children understand the importance of online safety, prevent cyber bullying and downsides of involvement into adult content. However to accomplish this, a parent would need to keep a constant watch on their child’s internet activities. Fortunately, Parental Control feature of REVE Antivirus helps you monitor and control the websites your child browses.

The Parental Control feature is quite easy-to-use and can be used anytime, anywhere. Here’s how to use it:

Download, Install and Login

Your first step should be to download and install REVE Antivirus on the computer system used by your child for accessing internet. You can opt for any of the three antivirus packages i.e. Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Security. Once done, the next step is to login into the antivirus program using the product license credentials that includes product key and serial key.

Go to Dashboard and Add PC


After logging in, you will see user interface of reve antivirus program. From the menu, choose Accounts wherein you will see the option for Dashboard. Click it and you will be redirected to browser page wherein you will have the option to Add PC. Using this option, you can add the computer system on the antivirus program using the license credentials.  

Choose Block/Surveillance and configure accordingly


You will see two options –  Blocking and Surveillance to choose from. If you wish to permanently block some websites from the system, then choose the former one. However, if you wish to monitor which websites your child visits, then choose the latter one. In both the cases, you can configure website categories such as gaming, gambling, drudgery, etc.

Also, you can blacklist and whitelist websites. Further, REVE Antivirus has the option to enable blocking based on time. This is helpful in case you want to block some websites between a particular time interval, for instance, study time of your kid.

Download REVE antivirus app and start monitoring


Once everything is set, the next step is to download the REVE Antivirus App on your mobile device. Open it and log in using the credentials and start monitoring. So even when you are away from home, in office, market, etc. you need not to worry about what your child is doing on internet as you can monitor their browsing activities remotely.

As a responsible parent, it is your duty to help your child understand what’s right and wrong. This way, you will not only contribute towards the bright future of your kid, but in making internet a useful space. Use this parental control feature of REVE antivirus today to save your little one from cyber threats.


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