Understanding the crux of VoIP

VoIP has taken the world of internet by storm. VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. It means that any call that takes place over internet and not on mobile towers and landlines. It could be termed as an alternative to traditional phone calls. It is becoming famous with companies and customers. Google Voice, Face Time and Skype are the general examples of this telephony services.

Now the question arises as to the phone calls made over the internet could surpass the online security test? Like any other communication that takes place over the internet, security risks are bound to be involved particular in this method of communication. Read below to find out how to secure your VoIP calls:

Keep all your application software up-to-date. While using or making any kind of VoIP calls, make sure to update all your app software. Hackers would catch you as a prey otherwise. Therefore, it is important to keep the clients updated.

It is crucial to keep your OS or operating system updated. Potential hackers would barge in through these doors if they are not insecure. Also, it is important to secure your wireless network as your phone is directly going through the router many a times. Besides, use long and strong passwords to crack into the messaging system. Your system could be a strong target for the hackers if your password is weak. Secure your internet through VPN.


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