How to discuss cyberbullying with your kids

It is understood that cyberbullying is no different from the ill reputed bullying that happens in the backyard of the school. It does have the same consequences and social implications that leave the formative minds of children insecure. Therefore, you should actually consider talking to your kids about cyberbullying. Here’s how and what you can discuss with kids over a cup of coffee about cyberbullying:

a round shape image on white background with cyber bullying written on it
Cyberbullying is a serious crime and can lead to dire consequences

Discuss: You must start a discussion by asking what you kids know about cyberbullying. You should ask about the rise of cyberbullying in your community or with the people you are associated with. There is nothing that can’t be solved on the table. Children hesitate to come up and say that they are victims of cyberbullying. It is meaningful to know if there is a news about cyberbullying and you discuss that with your kids.

Assurance: You have to assure that you will be there for them when and if the need arises. If they ever become the victim of cyberbullying, you will be beside them and assure of some help in such cases.

Cyber rules: Proper cyber rules should be implemented. Every home should have guidelines for the usage of technology. As it is learned that children spend more time on the internet these days, teach them online etiquette. It is simple to have them understood how they would behave when online. This may mean that

They should not use computer without permission of the guardian

Circulate photographs of another person

Send hurtful message on media

Use fake names to communicate

Use foul or abusive language

You should explain your kids what actually is cyberbullying. You will also make them understand the dire consequences of such incidents taking place in your nearby area. How you could stop cyberbullying is another good point you can explain to your kids.





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