Secure Your Wi-Fi Router Easily

Wireless internet is the modern gift of technology of this scenario. However, your home wireless router could be an access point for hackers. Imagine if your Wi-Fi router isn’t secured properly, you could give leverage to the cybercriminals to get an access to your device. What would you do in such a situation? Besides, you would open up your details like emails, banking information and even the minute details of your home schedule to criminals.


Some routers come with default passwords, but it is advisable that you should change the password during the set up mode itself. While setting up a router, creating a password is not a difficult task, it is an easy one. Almost anyone can change or create the password in minutes. The basic idea behind this is that all wireless routers have a numerical address. If you’ve lost the instructions, you can probably find by searching online through your router’s model number. It is advisable not to name your router that can be easily associated with you such as your last name. Choose a strong password that you can remember. Choose the one that’s not easy to make out. While on prompt, make sure you save the updated information. By all these, your router will be secured from the hackers.

What best you can do is go for antivirus protection and get a firewall with an internet security suite. This will add more protection to the router. Securing your wireless network doesn’t take much time and will do much to protect you from hackers. Even if there is nobody around from whom you would want to protect your router, you will be protecting it from the hackers for sure. Now that many homes are connected through various devices using Wi-Fi, you will be protecting all the information that you have.



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