What is Smishing and how you can prevent it?

Smishing is a form of phishing wherein someone tries to trick a user to give sensitive information via text or SMS message. Smishing is actually becoming a growing threat when it comes to online security. Here is a detailed brief how you can be safe from a smishing attack:


In a layman’s language, smishing is any form of phishing involving a text message. Many times, this kind of phishing may involve a text message in an SMS or a phone number. It is considered to be dangerous as there are times when people tend to believe text as more relevant than an email. Besides, many people are aware of the risks involved in opening links in an email attachment. While there  is less of a truth when it comes to text messages.

When we talk about smishing, it uses social engineering to get you to share your sensitive information. The information that a smisher might be looking for can be anything from online password to credit card information. In the case of credit card, if the smisher has your details, he or she may start applying for a new credit card in your name. That’s where the trouble starts getting you.

Smisher uses many ways and methods to trick you. They might say if you don’t click on a link and enter your personal information, you are going to be charged per day. Therefore, if you haven’t given a thought about it, leave or ignore the message. Moreover, if you see any illegal charges on your credit or debit card, consult your bank officials. They will be happy to help you and will be on your side only.

In a layman’s language, if I try to make you understand the smishing process then it would be better. You surely don’t want to reply to text message from people you may not know. That’s the best way to be safe. This turns out to be true when the SMS comes from a phone number that doesn’t look like a phone number. Besides, there are other precautions that you can practice such as:

  • Do not click on the links you get on your phone. They may be tricking you.
  • If you get a text message with a link, consider verifying it before clicking on it.
  • Internet security software aren’t just meant for laptops and desktops, mobile security is catching the eye these days.
  • Do not install apps from a text message.

With all these tips, you are sure to get safe and secure when it comes to smishing attacks.


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