Know About Identity Theft in 5 Simple Steps

There is a high demand for stolen identities in the market that’s why identity theft cases are increasing day by day. For misusing purposes, Cybercriminals may go to any length to get your personal information out. If a cybercriminal is accessing personal information, it means your finances and reputation is at stake. It takes less than a minute for a cybercriminal to drain your bank account. They can cause harm to your credit cards, open new bank accounts, get medical treatments and other things as well. It is also possible that these cybercriminals can file a tax refund in your name and get your refund.


You will get to know in the following cases that your identity has been stolen:

Bouncing of cheques for no reason: Even the smallest  error on your bank account is a moment to worry. Cybercriminals would surely make small charges and test the account to see if a charge will go through. Therefore, view your accounts regularly and consult your bank if you come across any suspicious activity.

Receiving unauthorized bills: Identity thieves may steal the victim’s mail by changing their mailing address via the post office. They may gather information and open new accounts in your name. At times, they may purchase goods in your name and max out your credit card. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a track of all the bills.

Getting calls from debt collectors: It is possible that someone has used your name to increase your debts and the creditors are after your life for unpaid bills. Check your credit report for unfamiliar accounts and charges.

When the limit of your medical bill expires : if you haven’t used your medical claim but still your medical claim benefits have expired or suspended, it is possible that identity thieves might have misused and leaving you in the lurch. Make sure to check your medical records and bills to remain safe throughout the year.

You receive a tax fraud notification: Tax fraud is a wide business. Identity thieves have found sneakier ways to misuse and play on tax refund.

If you come across such steps, you will get to know that someone is playing with your identity.





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