What is malware and How to remove it from the PC?

Malware is termed as any malicious software which is designed to damage and infiltrate the computer without the user consent. It can infect computers and several other devices. Malware can be found in number of forms like viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, etc. It is important for the user to know how to be safe from such viruses in order to carry on safe activities on their PCs.


Computer viruses are the main form of viruses. They spread by making copies of themselves in the system. Other type of malware is spyware and its main purpose is to steal personal information such as bank details, credit card numbers etc. It is important to know who is creating these malicious software and why? There were times when these malicious codes were designed by teenagers but nowadays, they are designed by professional hackers.

They implement or deploy tactics to make the software more vulnerable and dangerous. In some events, they even lock up the computer date by making the information inaccessible and then demanded ransom from the user to get it back. Ransomware is the name issued to that process. The primary purpose of these cybercriminals is to steal information of the user such as bank details or credit card number, and passwords. They do so in order to run fraudulent activities in your name. Or rather they may sell the information in the market where such type of information fetches a decent price.

How to protect yourself from malware?

Every problem has a solution and malware is no exception. Malware has ways to enter your system by spreading it in the form of email attachments that looks as if it comes from an authentic sources such as friend or bank. You should be aware of such mails that ask for your password. Never open an email followed by a link if you don’t think it has come from an authentic source.

One should emphasis on personal observation. It acts as the initial layer of protection against malware but simply being careful is not enough. No security is 100 percent assured that is why even downloads from the original sites may carry malware. But you can be safe by deploying above mentioned points methodically. Another best thing that can be done to ensure malware protection is to have strong internet security software that assures total security and sound working of your system. With reliable antivirus protection, your PC will have a longer and productive life.




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