You too can prevent hackers from accessing your online account

Often we get to hear news that a celebrity’s social media/email account has been hacked but what if your account gets hacked? What would you do in such a scenario? Do you have a list of do’s and don’ts just in case your account information gets compromised? Hackers know ample ways to enter your system by infesting it with their self-created malicious codes. By following these security tips you will minimal the risk of getting your account hacked and secure your online account:

secure your online accounts

Always keep strong passwords for your accounts: Creating a strong password means half-job done. It goes without saying that your password should not follow a set pattern otherwise it would be easy for the hackers to guess your password and you will be left high and dry. Refrain from using the word ‘password’ or ‘12345’ as your password and make it complex so that hackers face a hard time guessing the right code.

Avoid phishing scams: Be careful when you open any link or attachment from your email. Do so only when you know that it is coming from a legitimate source and not from any source appearing to be legitimate. There is always a difference between real and fake.

Enabling two-factor authentication is crucial: If you are under the impression that one step authentication process is enough to secure your account, you might need to rethink. Enabling two-factor authentication would mean half battle won as hackers would have a hard time guessing your next step and by the time they guess it right, it will expire. Now that is one smart move you can make.

Never open secured websites on open Wi-Fi: Using open or public Wi-Fi means getting your websites or account prone to many online attacks. You may lose out on your sensitive data and hackers may download malicious files on your device. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

With these tips you are sure to secure your online account. Not only you will keep hackers at bay but they would be far away from creating malicious code to hack your online accounts.


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