5 Email Security Tips for You

An email is one of the most important component of any corporate entity as communication through this medium forms an integral part of the daily functioning of any business. Since emails are extremely important, it becomes mandatory to know how we can secure our emails and not let them be exposed to hacking. Here are a few tips to let you know that it is possible to secure your email and that too in an easy manner:

website security, best antivirus
Website security has become the need of the hour

Use Separate Email Account

It is advised that you use separate email accounts. You should not have one account for all your transactions because if one gets prone to virus, all your accounts would be prone to viruses. Besides, it is better to have different or separate email accounts for personal and professional purpose so that it can confuse the hacker if he tries to steal the information.

Create strong password

It goes without saying that one should have strong passwords for their account. It is recommended that you set an alpha-numeric password, which is considered strong. Don’t go with the flow and set a different and unique password.

Don’t open unsolicited attachment

Be alert of phishing scams and never try to open email attachments from unknown sources. Such attachments may contain viruses and malicious Trojans which could harm your computer and may leave you in the lurch. Make sure you know the source. Besides, it is always good to have internet security software installed for ensuring double protection to the system.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

It also goes without saying that you should not trust public Wi-Fi. Although it saves you money but using public Wi-Fi is definitely not the safest means to use the internet. And when it is about checking your mails on the go, have a data plan otherwise you would be prone to certain viruses.

Scan for Malware and Viruses

Before opening email attachments, you should always scan for viruses. As said earlier, there are viruses that you may be prone to, while and after opening an email attachment. In order to save yourself from that risk, it is better you scan for viruses and malware before opening any attachment.

Now that you are aware of email security tips, make sure you abide by these points and let your computer and emails be at a safe side.





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