How can we fight Cyberbullying?

Bullying, without any doubt, is a heinous act and cyber bullying is no different. To trouble victims, intimidators have adopted the traditional abusive characteristics of the past bullies.


What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying can be termed as the use of electronic medium to bully a person by sending threatening messages of intimidating nature. This process can be carried out through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How can we fight cyberbullying?

Most of us tend to be aggressive while defending ourselves while others calm down only by teaching the bullies a lesson to unlearn their aggressive behavior. There are ways through which we can minimize or stop cyberbullying. Below are a few tips to make cyber bullies go away without hurting or harming anyone:

Never give out personal information: Password, photographs or home address can be perfect bait for a cyber bully to intimidate you. Therefore, it is advisable that you don’t give our personal information of any sort that might be of any use to the cyber bully. They would misuse it to harass or threaten you by taking advantage of it.

Always resist: Revenge is definitely not the mode in this case. It is not wise to revert a cyber bully by bullying him back. As by doing this, you are not putting an end to the situation but giving cyber bully more reasons to harass or threaten you. Hence, you are advised not to indulge in any such type of fights and try to resist the case.

Stop responding to the cyber bully: It is best if you do not respond to the cyber bullying. They would entice you to do so by intimidating you or threatening you. It is better you don’t involve yourself in discussion with a cyber bully by replying to his messages and chats. Rather you should be at a great distant from them.

Tell your dear ones about it: If you are unable to carry the load of cyber bullying, it is always recommended to share it with your parents or friends. They might be of help to you in such a case. Besides, it is better that a supervisor monitor an issue like this.

Save a copy of email attachment or message: If the cyberbullying case goes to a test level, you should have a copy saved of any email or message that you have received from a cyber bully. It will help the authorities to track him down.

Now that you are well versed with cyberbullying tips, make sure you abide by these points and let not cyberbullying affect you.


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