Save Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the gravest crimes one can be exposed to. In an identity theft, basic information like date of birth can be used for various serious crimes. Here are the things that hackers can do with the identity theft profile:

identity theft

Misuse Credit card:

It is the foremost rule in the books of hackers to steal your credit card details and then misuse it to make purchase. In such a case, you are just left in the middle and you can’t do much about it.

Fund Transfers

Cybercriminals can extract your details within no time and can initiate fund transfer and steal your money. You just get a message that your savings have been exhausted and misused.

Opening of new accounts

Cybercriminals may misuse your data and open insurance account, bank account, and credit card account.

Renting of Car

Cybercriminals can rent a car by using your details and you might get the bill on their behalf. This is not just limited to renting. They may also purchase the car with your details and you would be held responsible for paying for it.

Purchase of Home

With a clean identity as yours, cybercriminals can go ahead and purchase a house with your details. It is as risky as it gets.

How can you prevent identity theft?

You can prevent identity theft in many ways, a few of them are mentioned below for your reference:

Protect your computer from adware: Many identity thieves uses complex software to hack your system through viruses and adware. All this is done without your knowledge and consent. You may not know but many spyware and adware are made exclusively for stealing purpose. Therefore, it is better you protect your computer by using a firewall, antispyware program or internet security software.

Create strong passwords and pins: Using strong passwords may confuse the hacker and he may end up just trying to unlock it rather than steal information. It is one of the most basic and strongest measure which you can take to combat a threat like identity theft.

Stay away from phishing scams: You are advised not to open any unknown links or attachments in your mail. Neither should you browse a site which appears illegitimate.

If you follow these basic but important measures against identity theft, it will be easy for you to keep cybercriminals at bay.



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