6 Computer Security Habits You Must Know

When it’s about securing your devices, you go an extra mile. So why not follow some good security habits which allow your computer to run smooth and sound. As you keep surfing the web every day, your system becomes prone to virus, malware, Trojan, etc. In order to combat these threats, security should be your priority. Here are some computer security habits that you must know:

computer secuirty

Change your password

It goes without saying that you should keep changing your password periodically. You should do so in order to save yourself from hackers, who are always on the verge of sealing your personal information. On the same note, you should not use the same password for all the accounts.

Protect your system against power outages

If you notice power outage, you should keep your system closed. The wires get heated up easily and the power surges can damage your computer especially during thunderstorm. That’s why, you should keep your systems safe during these times.

Data backup is important

Spend a few minutes every week to back up your important files and documents. You never know when they might crash. Therefore, it is important that you take back up of your crucial data before you lose it to hackers or other viruses. It is better safe than sorry.

Always lock your computer when not in use

Make sure to lock your computer screen even if you are going away for a few minutes. Going for a tea break and not locking your system might compromise your data as virus may affect it bad. You must not make any such mistakes as this is your important data we are talking about here.

Always keep your desktop clutter-free

If your desktop is cluttered with several documents, files and, icons, you may find it hard to search for something when in need. Also, it might slow down your computer. Therefore, keep your desktop neat and clean by creating folders and organizing your important files and documents.

Install reliable antivirus software

It is important that you should install reliable internet security software. REVE Antivirus is one such antivirus program that assures total security to your computer along with some amazing features like parental control. Having an antivirus program is the need of the hour seeing the online threats a user is exposed to while surfing the internet.






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