What is Ransomware and how can it be removed

Ransomware is a kind of malware which restricts access to a computer until the ransom has been paid. It gets installed in the computer without the knowledge of the user and demands some amount to pay to remove the restrictions. Ransomware locks your computer and asks for money or password for unlocking the screen. It is a tricky task to remove but with reliable internet security software, you can keep your system clean from such malwares.


The word ransomware is derived from ‘ransom’ which means an amount paid for something that has been damaged and the suffix ‘ware’ is used to categorize the different form of computer programs. In a ransomware case, a computer gets infected when a user visits an illicit site. The user may unknowingly download or install such malware by viewing an infected file. Once the malware is installed on your computer, it starts detecting your location. It does so in order to display the threat in the right manner and language. If you are based out of UAE, it is likely possible that the malware message would be displayed in Arabic language. But with the help of internet security software, such threats can be taken care of.

Taking stern steps

Removing ransomware is not that difficult as compared to deleting other viruses. You can uninstall the malware easily and be cautious by following the following steps:

Don’t surf illicit content

When you reach or view illicit content or download that particular content, you are more likely to get exposed to such malware attacks as these viruses have their way to trick you when you land on such sites or view the content. They ask for password or ransom to make you view the content and ransomware infects your PC right at that moment.

Don’t visit malicious websites

Visiting malicious websites and surfing bad content is similar with just one difference that a malicious website will have more files that can infect your PC and make you the victim of a ransomware attack. Therefore, it is advised not to visit such websites to stay safe and away from such malwares.

Install reliable internet security software

It goes without saying that a reliable antivirus program would do the leg work for you. It would detect and remove such viruses and malwares and keep your system sound and safe. One such internet security software is REVE Antivirus which assures total protection to your PC.

Always use safe mode

Using safe mode allows you to pass the lock set by ransomware or you can run an antivirus scan to detect and remove it. It is suggested that you use safe mode with command prompt so that ransomware would not enter the system.

If you follow these above mentioned steps, it is most likely that you will be successful in keeping your PC safe from all kinds of virus, malwares etc.


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