SMEs are targeted by online attacks. Here’s why

A study revealed that more than 60 % SMEs were targeted by online attacks in 2014. Businesses have always been favourite among the cybercriminals and make for an easy catch when it comes to plan any malicious attacks. You must have heard about websites being hacked, data being stolen, data breach being conducted, etc. Hackers surely have their way to attack an online business site especially small to medium one and make way for their profit.

online business

It has been studied that 51% of these small businesses have not invested in cybersecurity to combat the threat. Hackers have evolved over the years and have created malware like zero-day exploit, Denial of Service and phishing emails that are targeting just small to medium enterprises. What all this calls for is robust internet security software that can fight against such attacks and assures sound security of your system. The rise of such malware attacks have compelled online businesses to seek help from cybersecurity cell and ensure that the threats are being reported in order to spread protection and awareness all around.

The main fault lies is in businesses not believing that they process any valuable data. Moreover, they do not realise the seriousness of these threats which can end up in shutting down their businesses as well. In fact, small enterprises attracts bigger threats from such hackers as they process user information on daily basis due to which cybercrime could take place more than often.

The other major issues that caused such online attacks were that these small to medium enterprises were not training their employees about the importance of cybersecurity. With social media platforms taking over the internet with storm and usage of it during the office hours, it has become important for small and medium enterprises to train their employees what it takes to combat threats in order to safeguard the company’s data. While telling them about the topic, it must also include the right selection and usage of internet security software and how it helps in waging a war against such dreadful malware or any other type of attacks. According to a study, only 38% of the businesses said to have updated their end point security while 31% monitored their business credit reports.

It has become important for businesses to seek help from cybersecurity department in order to ensure safe and sound working of their IT team.



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