5 Tips to Share Safe on Social Media

Be it a wedding, anniversary or birthday, you love sharing about these occasions on social media. However, knowing that the information you share can be misused by the hackers may spoil the fun. If it’s your newborn son’s birth details and you share it on a social media platform including name and date of birth, there are chances that hackers may try to get mother’s maiden name through this and get an access to other information as well. That said, there are ways through which you can share safe on social media. Here are a few tips to remember while you share your next big update of a social media platform:


Accept invitations from people you know well

It is always safer and secure to accept invitation link to connect with people whom you know very well in real life. Adding or sending request to connect with people whom you don’t know much can expose you to identity theft and hackers may get an advantage to steal all the information they need.

Always check your privacy settings

It is understood that you have set privacy or other settings for viewing people you are connected to, some social networking sites update their policies and users are likely to ignore or they don’t realize that they have to put a stop check on some new public view settings. Besides, checking your privacy settings give you an edge over people who are always on the go and trying to steal your valuable information.

Don’t overshare the information

When you share something online it is possible that your friends and family might share the same information further. Here you and your contacts will be at risk of getting into the trap of fraudulent activities. Therefore, think before you share. You should be cautious enough to know what you are sharing and how much.

Try not to display the names of the people in your network

While you will be at a safer side but your connections might have to bear the wrath. Spear phishing scam is one of the ways to gather personal information pertaining to a certain individual stealing out information by sending out convincing emails. If hackers will have access to the names, your connections might start to be exposed to phishing scams.

Don’t make specific celebration announcements

You should refrain yourself from giving out full names of attendees or location or date or time unless it is absolute necessary. Rather save all these details for the invitations you are going to send to your contacts.

With these tips, you are sure to be safe and secure in terms of sharing something online. Besides, it is always useful to install reliable internet security software that gives total protection. REVE Antivirus is one such antivirus software that assures total security of your device.


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