What You Should Know About Rogue (FAKE) Antivirus Software

Rogue (fake) Antivirus Software is the one that offers a free scan or asks you to clean your computer of infected files. These are the malicious programmers who install malware, spyware and other type of virus in the system.

rogue antivirus

Your system too can get affected

When you click on a link in the form of advertisement or similar pop-up messages, rogue antivirus makes it way inside your computer. The message used in these messages or advertisements are likely to catch your attention as these are designed either to alert you or attract you by infusing heavy words. It convinces you to scan your PC or clean the files with the tool offered on the advertisement. The names of the program or tool may appear authentic and can prompt you to pay for an annual subscription as a fee after using once or twice.

What about the authentic antivirus software? Do they help?

It is understood that you have installed reliable internet security software to keep your system protected. However, safeguarding the interest of your system is not always in the hands of the antivirus software. There are a few tricky and new kinds of viruses for which it is somewhere impossible to distribute and update to detect and remove them from the system.

Unknown threats

Rogue antivirus software might perform malicious activities like installing files to monitor or steal your valuable information, adding your system to a botnet or even installing backdoor programs. It might also your computer to infect other systems in your home or workplace. It is also possible that rogue antivirus may install various malware files and make more and more changes just to make sure that the virus stays on the system.

Ways to ensure safety

  1. Try not to click on pop-up ads that advertise anti-spyware programs.
  2. Regularly update your firewalls settings.
  3. Install reliable and promising internet security software.
  4. Don’t forget to configure and patch operating systems, browsers, and other software programs properly.
  5. Keep data backups for future reference.
  6. Scan and clean your computer on a regular basis.

With all these tips, you can ensure that your system is protected against such fake antivirus software. Installing high performance antivirus could also ease your work to a good extent. REVE Antivirus is one such internet security software that assures total security.



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