Public Wi-Fi Security is Important, Here’s Why

Vacation is the best time of the year as it is one of the best means to relax and rejuvenate. While you sit back and enjoy, your mobile devices are always on the run. Smartphones and tablets have become a part of our lives now. And if it’s about holidays, you can’t afford not to use them. That said, you must also take care while using Wi-Fi during your trip. One bad move could spoil your tour. Therefore, you should be aware of using your mobile devices on public Wi-Fi at key areas during your vacation.

free wifi


Once you have entered the airport and waiting for your flight, the next probable things that you would do is searching for public W-Fi. Airports offer free or time-limited Wi-Fi with a password which is likely not secured. And if the hotspot is not secured, you data is more likely to be prone to many virus attacks. Hackers could spy on your information running on the same network. The best thing you can do in such cases is to review and be careful of the sites you visit. It’s better not to log on to any sites that ask for password or other related information. Banking sites, in particular, should be avoided from browsing.


You have landed in your desired destination and arrived safely at your hotel. Don’t be too excited to use hotel Wi-Fi as it is generally not secured with so many people using it at the same time. You never know the person sitting next to you might be spying on your information. You will understand that hotels are known for hospitality and not Wi-Fi security. Here’s also I would advise not to browse banking or other related websites which ask for personal information.


 Enjoying a cup of coffee with your favorite snacks and browsing social media sites might appear exciting but you never know your security could be at stake. There are cafes that offer free Wi-Fi facility. You must be cautious enough to make out if the person sitting near you might try to steal your valuable information. Internet security is of utmost importance.

This is how you can reduce the risks of public Wi-Fi

If you don’t have access to a VPN and need to use public Wi-Fi during your travel, you must ensure to remember these tips which will help you protect your data and mobile devices from the hackers:

Select the most secure settings on your mobile device. Turn off the features which automatically connect your device to any available Wi-Fi network.

Change your passwords and set strong ones.  If you think you would require to log in to accounts with sensitive information — like social media, banking, or email accounts then it is a must.

Never ignore updates. Make sure to update software and apps before your travel.

Please ensure the URL of the website you are browsing starts with “HTTPS” as S calls for security and your data is protected.

Install reliable internet security software like REVE Antivirus that ensures total security to your devices.

With all these tips, you will just be enjoying your trip and worrying less about your device’s security.


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