Parental Control is the key to ensure kids’ safety online. How much is it true?

Kids’ safety online has become the most talked about issue these days. With pornographic sites easily accessible now, it has become important to keep the kids stay away from such malignant sites. When children gets access to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, they bypass digital restrictions, and at times you would not know what they are browsing. You might think it is games that they are downloading when in actual they would be browsing some restricted sites. Here comes the role of parental control to help you and your kid stay safe online.

parental control

Now-a-days, children are encouraged to use mobile or tablets at a very young age. With education going digital, there is no doubt that children are paying the price somewhere. A study reveals that 7 percent of kids under the age of 4 play with their tablets or watch their favorite program before they wind up their day.

Let us discuss about online threats that children face when browsing the web without parental controls.


Filthy text messages, threats, extortion and harassment via any popular social media platforms may have dire consequences on the lives of children. Therefore, it is important to make out what they are surfing on the net. But here the main question remains unanswered – Are parental controls really the key? Do parents know what their child is browsing on the web? Unfortunately, only 10 percent of the parents track what their teens are surfing, according to a recent study.

Spying mobile applications

While your teens are playing or browsing game sites, many apps ask for a lot of permission before download or starting the game. These apps are most probably fraudulent and targets innocent users to steal their location, photos, contact list, messages or bank details. With parental control, this could be sorted out.

Malicious websites

Pornographic sites and other malicious sites are easy targets for malware attacks as these websites attract massive visitors on a daily basis. The malware directs users to a fraudulent page once they track that the user is running the website on Internet Explorer. Then they identify the security settings of the system and hack them.

Accidentally purchased apps

You might have accidently paid a heft amount for handing over your smartphone or tablet in hand of your kids. Here I am talking about the credit card amount. Kids while browsing may tap on the purchase or buy button, and accidently an app is purchased the one that is unwanted. Likewise, it is also possible to click on unwanted or restricted sites accidently where hackers can steal the information they require.

What can be done to ensure Parental Controls becomes the safest key there is

Internet security can definitely help in ensuring that kids stay safe online. The other measures to track such events and restrict them from happening are:

Keep the ad or pop-up blocker on to ensure kids don’t click on unwanted or restricted ads.

Make sure you have the right antivirus software for your PC. REVE Antivirus is one such great internet security software with a mobile notification feature. Using this feature, parents can track and block the access to restricted websites.

Keep the software and other programs updated so that any virus may not enter the system.

Talk to your children and make then understand the importance of internet and how they should not misuse it, accidently. Make them aware about phishing and other online attacks, and how to detect and remove them.



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