Your New Android Phone Seeks Your Attention


With such a large number of bubbly offers going around, in the event that you are wanting to get another Android mobile phone, or got one as of late, then you should consider utilizing these basic tips to guarantee that your mobile phone stays with you for a decent time.


1. As a matter of importance, get a screen protector and a tough back case as nothing can baffle you like a monstrous scratch right amidst your glossy new mobile phone.

2. Charge your mobile phone ideally

The vast majority live in an apprehension of coming up short on battery. Most specialists prescribe keeping mobile phones charged somewhere around 40% and 80%. In this way, visit top-ups rather than every day charging the distance to 100%, keeps the battery solid.

3. Upgrade the gadget’s OS

Upgrade your Android’s working framework to the most recent adaptation at whatever point it is accessible. Most recent renditions accompany bug fixes for better execution, and improved security.

4. Abstain from stifling your mobile phone with superfluous applications

In the event that Google Play Store has thousands of free applications, you don’t need to stack your mobile phone with all of them. Keeping applications that you barely utilize or never utilize, expend gadget memory, which eventually can harm your mobile phone and make it slow.

5. Keep it cool

A cool mobile phone is a sound mobile phone. On a sunny day, don’t leave your mobile phone in the sun, and use it in the shade at whatever point conceivable. Utilizing it as a part of under the sun additionally requires most extreme brilliance, which once more, warms up the mobile phone. For extensive voice calls, lean toward utilizing headphones. It is likewise a smart thought to keep your mobile phone in open ranges rather than kept spaces like stashes, sacks, and so on.

6. Shield your Android from online dangers

From adulterating information to taking it, a malware code can destroy everything that is great about your mobile phone. Thus, to abstain from getting into a circumstance where your mobile phone is assumed control by a tainted application, get a solid versatile security programming. There are antivirus software these days which has a mobile saving feature. REVE Antivirus for one is surely the best choice there is.

7. Get your new Android mobile phone safeguarded

Insuring one’s mobile phone may sound ridiculous, well, until the mobile phone gets lost, stolen or harmed. Having your mobile phone safeguarded ensures the speculation that you have made in it. That is to say, you won’t need to spend restless evenings pondering about the cash you spent purchasing that fantastic mobile phone of yours.


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