5 Tips to Create a Strong Password

A strong password just give you an edge to make way for a secured system. It acts as a deal-breaker between you and all those looking to hack your device. It is also possible that hackers may reach the stage of sloth and give up on causing harm to your system. Here are 5 ways how you can keep them at bay with a strong password:

rectangular boxes with password written on them
A strong password can prove to be saver for your device

Shun the pattern

Hackers are smart enough to know that most of the users follow a pattern to create a password. That’s why it becomes easy for them to take the details out. It’s time that you break the rules, and step out of the pattern game. Create a random but strong password, the one that solves the purpose.

Symbols and numbers are worth it

It doesn’t come as a surprise that hackers are well versed with tricks of making out the password esp. if there are only letters involved. Now it is time that you play the trick back and use symbols and numbers, and it is possible that they will have a hard time cracking the code right.

Translate phrases into numbers

Take any phrase like ‘do the chores’ and remove vowels from it. Now it becomes ‘dthchrs’. Wouldn’t it be tricky for others to make out?  Make sure that you remember the logic behind as sometimes you are bound to forget password. Nobody is a superhuman for sure.

Long passwords surely help

If you do not believe in keeping long passwords due to the problem of remembering it later, think again. This might work in your favor. Even if the hacker catches the code or a pattern, it is likely that he would miss out on an alphabet or two. Here you get an advantage to make him wipe the dust and ensure high level virus protection.

Stay away from the basics

A strong password is created when it appears difficult. Using your name or school name for a password won’t be a great idea. You will have to keep the basics out for a while and focus on what can work in the best interest of your system. Now that you know the tips, please ensure you set the code absolutely right. And for the rest, reliable antivirus software are there to safeguard your system from evil eyes.



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