How to get rid of Malware

It is always tricky and tiresome to get rid of malware, for the cybercriminals have come up with innovative ideas to fool the users. Malware, or malicious software, is smartly programmed software that gives partial access to virus, spyware, rootkit, worm, etc. to enter the system and take control of it by carrying out the malicious activities. When infected by malware, your system not only shows the sign of slow processing, your files, photos, and other important documents are exposed to risk.

How to get rid of Malware
Types of Malware

Cybercriminals use tricky and aggressive ways to create malware programs, the ones which a user may not generally find making it hard for the user to get rid of malware. Below are the ways to know that your device is exposed to malware attacks:

  • You suddenly get redirected to the pages you do not intend to visit
  • Your browser’s default homepage get changed
  • Experiencing hangs, freeze and unresponsiveness of the system
  • You will see new icons on your desktop
  • Your system may restart without updates
  • Unable to access the Task Manager, Control Panel or Command Prompt

These checkpoints will help you understand that something is definitely not right with your computer. However, these points do not assure safety and security. You need a reliable antivirus software.

How to get rid of Malware
Malware Detection

Ways to get rid of malware

  • Ensure that your OS has enabling features to automatically install security updates.
  • Your applications should also have a feature to automatically install security updates.
  • Don’t fall in trap of Phishing attacks. You might receive certain emails which look authentic but in actual they are not. An email from your bank requesting you to click on a link might actually be a program created by a cybercriminal to get an access to your password, credit card details, etc.
  • Install trusted and top antivirus and keep your system up-to-date.

Besides, it is always a wise choice to be informed about recent updates on viruses and their solution. The end point is that your system should be secure so that you can work without hindrances.


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